About ORF 2014

Now in its seventh year, the Oxford Radical Forum 2014 is a completely free and open annual festival of radical ideas and culture, hosted in central Oxford. Each year leading critics, authors and activists of the left take overs spaces in Wadham College to spark critical thought and debate about how we understand the world and struggles to change it. After years of unresolved economic crisis and international revolutions, analysis and political strategy remain as important as ever, yet answers remain elusive. What is the meaning of current events in Egypt and Syria? How are we to fight against sexism, racism and homophobia at every level? Can we revive radical political and labour projects in Europe? … and what about the weather?

Organised by students and activists in Oxford, this year’s Forum will host informed and engaged debates on all these questions and more – from Terry Eagleton speaking on the death of God to workshops on activism, from film-screenings to debates on intersectionality.

All are welcome. At the heart of ORF is a hope that the conversations that take place at the event continue and excite activity, as well as discussion.

Follow us on Twitter @oxradicalforum

Watch and Listen to Past ORF events and panels on our YouTube Channel

Join the ORF Facebook Group for updates and info on how to get involved

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